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Tuesday, October 28

My Father's Legacy

My father passed away 11 years ago today. As I think about all the lessons I learned from him, it is his spiritual legacy which stands out. He was not successful or famous in the worldly sense, but God blessed him with an intelligent mind, especially in understanding the depths of biblical truth. I am privileged to learn posthumously, that he thought I had grasped Reformed theology. To this day, I am inspired by the writings of Jonathan Edwards, John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, etc. He loved and served the church despite its shortcomings and deeply relied on God's sovereignty. And although he was not an expressive person, he prayed. His prayers are still being answered today. So, even though I miss him on earth, I know he is enjoying fellowship with his Father and one day very soon, I too will also. Life is a vapor. It is so worthy to live for eternal consequences and have a loose grip on the things of this world.

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